Homage to Eileen Gray

The Gray Series is a collection of five prints inspired by a visit to Eileen Gray’s villa E-1027. Each print depicts an element of the villa and is created from original art work.

The prints are created using a hand pulled screen printing process on Munken Pure paper.

The prints are also available as a digital print,
greeting card or postcard.











You must arrive with calm, elegance and silence
or Eileen won’t let you enter

That’s what Elizabeth our tour guide instructed as she led us through the front door of E-1027 in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin on the French Riviera. What I thought was a visit to fulfil curiosity turned out to be an exhilarating moment of inspiration.

E-1027 was Eileen Gray’s first architectural creation. It is one of 3 villas she designed along the French Riviera. Over the years it went into disrepair until Cap Moderne, funded by the Conservatoire du Littoral, began to restore the villa, ensuring protection and maintenance of the site, it’s buildings and art works.

Eileen Gray was born in Ireland and spent most of her life in France. She became a leader in the modern design movement and set up a gallery in Paris. She is best known for her lacquer work, tubular steel furniture and geometric designs.

After many years of wanting to visit I finally had the opportunity in August 2017. It was a treasured experience. I wandered around the villa with the exceptional tour guide and absorbed the thoughtfulness of each space and object and flow to the house. Imagining Eileen there.

Over the following week, unexpectedly, I spent my time interpreting parts of the villa on canvas with acrylic. I created 5 paintings based on different elements of the villa. They have become some of my proudest work.

Using silk screen printing, the original paintings have been transformed into prints.

The prints are the first release from this inspirational time.

Orla Reynolds